Month: May 2010

Us like this!

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There was this guy standing on the edge of the top of a building, very confused and God knows what had made him so out of his mind.
And there were people, a lot of them, watching him, applauding and encouraging him to jump down-perhaps they had no idea of the consequences; that a man falling from such a high altitude will die!
What has become of us? Is this the immaculate innocent creature of God? Is this the way we behave?
In this country almost everyone lies easily, swears God for his false claims, robs others, etc.
This has become our natural behavior. We have adopted it into our DNA.
Only God can save us.

Sometimes creativity simply doesn’t work!

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I have come around a lot of scenarios during my career as a network engineer that the main problem never went further than a simple displacement of a cable out of its socket or just a restart of the system, while I had gone through all those creativity process that yielded a lot of solutions to my problem and not surprisingly none of them worked!

Do you want to know the secret to success? It is simple: think organized, have protocols for every move you want to make. Plan before you act, even if thinking takes more time than the process itself.

They never made a Boeing in one move! They did it step by step. Creativity is to find the right plan to solve the problem not to find many solutions!