Month: April 2010


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The 11th and 12th episodes of the 6th season of the LOST series are about remembering. Remembering what they have done and where they have been, so that they can release their inner power.
These remind me of what we have in our religious books: God always hints us to remember what we have been and where we have started. In American Indian mythology in Carlos Castaneda’s books I read that they believe we are living in our dreams. Because this living has last too long we have forgotten that this is a dream and we are adapted to this kind of living so they try to find the real being of the human.
God reminds us of the first day that we had born witness that he is our God and that he has learnt everything we need to live. So why have we forgotten all of them?
I believe it is time for me to try to remember.

Start small, Think big!

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Yeah, this will be my plan for the future. I am thinking of getting big but first I want to collect some information.

Protected: I will think before I speak!

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Stress! It really exhausts me!

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Here I experience constant stress and in the end of the day I don’t know how to relieve myself from all those stress.

I only want to go to bed and next day I wake up still tired and I know that I have to take all those stresses again. This makes me depressed.

While I have so many motivations to improve my life I am too tired to make any move. I must find something that makes me happy. For the time being, it is the best idea!


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This is a concept that declares an object can be moved from one place to another place almost instantaneously. Physicists try to find a rational explanation and have some theories such as worm holes. What I want to talk about is its use by the men of God (I don’t like to call them Sufi because this word does not transfer the whole idea) to transfer in the earth and in Islam it is called Tay-al-ard.

The meaning of Tay-al-ard is to folding up of the earth. People who follow God’s orders (thus follow the rules of the nature) will gain such a power and of course this is the least important one of the list of God’s favors to his men and women. This is no fairy tale and you can find proofs in the holy Quran where God narrates the story of Solomon when the queen were coming to see him and he wanted to have her throne be prepared before she arrived. Read the story in Quran for yourself to get ready to go the right path!

I really love the Lord Above

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Some days I feel a surge of stress into my head. I don’t know the reason, I don’t care and I don’t want to know the reason! I know, however, what intensifies it:

  • Sometimes I feel living in this world is a blending of the experience of pain and over-paying for everything. A good example is paying twice as much a car is worth to buy it in my country while you have worked twice as much you have earned-this means you have paid four times more than the supposed price.
  • Sometimes I feel I have too much burden on my shoulders to bear. Too much responsibility makes me exhausted. Responsibility of being a husband, a father, a brother and the eldest son, being a person that so many people depend to… and I am the supporter and have no support!

I try to overcome my stress. It doesn’t last more than an hour but it comes now and then. The only thing that really sooths me is that I know the greatest supporter sees me and supports me. I am a religious person and I really love the Lord Above.


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Some days ago I accidentally hurt my daughter’s index finger. Fortunately it didn’t break or bruise -thank God- but I still feel sorry for being so ignorant when I was talking to my wife that I didn’t notice she is walking behind me and I closed the door.

Children are totally dependent to us; I can feel the responsibility and what they give us in lieu is joy and happiness of living our childhood again the way we will! They need both of their parents and I think it is quiet selfish to leave her for one parent just because their life doesn’t work (where they can try to make it better instead of separating so easily) – leave alone those lives that has come to a dead-end.

I have my own goals but I try to help my wife and daughter to achieve their goals too. This is one of the extra responsibilities yet distinction a man has.